Saturday, 23 January 2016

External front door

21st  Jan
OK so today I  didn't manage to get to much done as I have promised myself not  to focus on to many jobs at once!
so anyway after laying another row  and a half of roof tiles I then moved on to the front door.
I had to file it down to fit and fix the bit that had broken off in transit. that finally done I could add the mini trees in pots that I made from air dry clay and florist moss.
I put them in place, then realised I hadn't made the porch up.So anyway this is what the front porch and steps look like at the moment.

After looking at the faces of several  Georgian houses from around the UK on the Internet I then noticed that I had actually done the windows and moulding  wrongly so back to the drawing board I went .
anyway after several more hours researching this is what I
have come up with so far.
I have now completed the front pathway with the coal chute .

 when I have completed putting the finishing touches to the house front I will add more pictures
I still have to make the steps to the basement a side gate and the front arch.

Monday, 18 January 2016

External Update

This is just to let you see the result of working on the house and how its coming along after a few hours of work. 
I was originally just going to put windows in until I realised that i had painted them wrong and had to rectify that, anyway they have their third coat of paint but I like the results.
they are now almost in and ready to move to the next stage.
See what you think?

Oh i forgot to say that i started the roof tiles but they will best be done a small piece at a time its very hard to do at that height and the house is way to big to keep moving.

External progress

Well I wasn't very productive yesterday but I got some things done , the rest of the window frames were painted on the inside so I can fix the frames to the house . I am almost there with the colour scheme on the front of the house . There is still much work to do to make it correct .  Oh and an update on the resin casting is that it was a complete failure ! On the upside I did try and make impressions with air dry clay although some didn't turn out the little cherubs did . They were made for my wonderful friend for one of her rooms . I will be attempting the resin casting again but with a different type ! Remember if at first you don't succeed try try again.
This is the result of clay and resin casting 

The technical way to grip and hold newly glued wood to the house

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Basement Planning

Thought I would add this post for the day , I have started planning how I would like the basement set up  it will have the kitchen ,scullery and laundry if all goes they way I would like! 
since making a plan i have had to change it as mt very dear friend Sheleen found information on the net that she though I would like to read, she failed to mention that I would probably change all the plans I already had! Anyway just wanted to show you what I will be making more of today, bricks for that basement walls and tackling the windows and external base of the house.
The wall bricks I am making are made from air dry clay, great fun to use and quite easy to handle
I am actually very much trying to get used to making things in miniature . I'm happy to say that by the time I get to making things in polymer clay I should have much better skills for it!

As you can see here I'm still not decided on what colour I want the house. I am also planning to make external steps to the basement for the waste collections and coal deliveries as well as food . I will also be painting the roof so that at some point I can start adding the roof tiles 
Its very cold out today but the sun is shinning so I hope you all enjoy your day.


OK so when I first got the house I was just a little naive about just how quickly it would progress. Partly because of the excitement but also because of my inpatients ! Anyway you very quickly slow down when you run out of finances to carry on , so I've decided to try out different things . I started with making my own silicone moulds , I'm happy to say they were a success , and very easy to make . I used sealant silicone mixed with corn flour ( cornstarch ) and basically made a dough that could be handled . This now opens a whole new world , I made an imprint to make ceiling roses and also fancy architrave to decorate and embellish furniture that I plan to make . Of course I must mention that you actually start looking at the things you have around you and see if it works on your scale as a mould ! I'm very excited as I now have resin in the moulds that I am waiting on to dry but also because I want to make some things for a very dear friend that's got me hooked in the first place .I will add that I am not so happy with the resin that I bought because it not a two part mix of equal quantities so I will be getting another batch of resin  that is equal quantities to mix as it makes it much easier.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The House

OK so I thought I would write a little about the house , to start with its The Georgian town house and you can get it from
When I see the house I fell in love with it and could think of nothing else !
So imagine how hard it was when it was delivered before Christmas and I wasn't allowed to open it .
anyway I finally got to open it and get a read of the instructions for putting it together. i looked at them for days and days before i got the courage to start putting it together. i have added pictures of how i started and how it is progressing .
This is a picture of the house that i see and fell in love with on E-bay

The beginning of A Mini Beginning

 The basement being held together with really technical tape to dry!
           My girls peering over the front steps to the house and also being very useful as a leaning post

 As far as I have reached to date
This is as far as I have got with the house .
The plan next is to find a unit that house will fit on !
much love 
x x x 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

A New Mini Beginning

It all started when A dear friend (Adventure into Miniature) had a dolls house... and I wanted one too!
This Christmas, my wonderful children clubbed together and bought me a huge dolls house... it is stunning (and big).
This blog will tell of my journey in making and decorating my new dolls house :)

Lizzie xoxo