Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The House

OK so I thought I would write a little about the house , to start with its The Georgian town house and you can get it from
When I see the house I fell in love with it and could think of nothing else !
So imagine how hard it was when it was delivered before Christmas and I wasn't allowed to open it .
anyway I finally got to open it and get a read of the instructions for putting it together. i looked at them for days and days before i got the courage to start putting it together. i have added pictures of how i started and how it is progressing .
This is a picture of the house that i see and fell in love with on E-bay

The beginning of A Mini Beginning

 The basement being held together with really technical tape to dry!
           My girls peering over the front steps to the house and also being very useful as a leaning post

 As far as I have reached to date
This is as far as I have got with the house .
The plan next is to find a unit that house will fit on !
much love 
x x x 

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  1. I still say... IT'S HUGE!! But you have the talent and imagination to build it and furnish it :)