Saturday, 23 January 2016

External front door

21st  Jan
OK so today I  didn't manage to get to much done as I have promised myself not  to focus on to many jobs at once!
so anyway after laying another row  and a half of roof tiles I then moved on to the front door.
I had to file it down to fit and fix the bit that had broken off in transit. that finally done I could add the mini trees in pots that I made from air dry clay and florist moss.
I put them in place, then realised I hadn't made the porch up.So anyway this is what the front porch and steps look like at the moment.

After looking at the faces of several  Georgian houses from around the UK on the Internet I then noticed that I had actually done the windows and moulding  wrongly so back to the drawing board I went .
anyway after several more hours researching this is what I
have come up with so far.
I have now completed the front pathway with the coal chute .

 when I have completed putting the finishing touches to the house front I will add more pictures
I still have to make the steps to the basement a side gate and the front arch.

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