Saturday, 16 January 2016


OK so when I first got the house I was just a little naive about just how quickly it would progress. Partly because of the excitement but also because of my inpatients ! Anyway you very quickly slow down when you run out of finances to carry on , so I've decided to try out different things . I started with making my own silicone moulds , I'm happy to say they were a success , and very easy to make . I used sealant silicone mixed with corn flour ( cornstarch ) and basically made a dough that could be handled . This now opens a whole new world , I made an imprint to make ceiling roses and also fancy architrave to decorate and embellish furniture that I plan to make . Of course I must mention that you actually start looking at the things you have around you and see if it works on your scale as a mould ! I'm very excited as I now have resin in the moulds that I am waiting on to dry but also because I want to make some things for a very dear friend that's got me hooked in the first place .I will add that I am not so happy with the resin that I bought because it not a two part mix of equal quantities so I will be getting another batch of resin  that is equal quantities to mix as it makes it much easier.

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